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While it is easy to get overwhelmed with negativity, here are a few ways that you can help pacific salmon survive and thrive!


Conserve Water

Salmon rely on cool, clean water to be able to survive. Try and conserve as much water as you can by using it sparingly - things like shorter showers and less lawn watering.

Reduce Your Harvest

If you fish on the coast or eat salmon, think about reducing the number of fish you keep or eat. Overfishing can be a major issue with salmon stocks when done improperly. Pink Salmon currently have the healthiest populations in Western North America and are the current most sustainable salmon choice! Catch and release when practiced properly can be a great way to enjoy time on the water while limiting your impacts on salmon stocks.


Watch Your Outputs!

Be mindful of the chemicals and detergents you use in day to day life. Often what goes down household drains and storm drains ends up directly in salmon habitat. Dispose responsibly!


Get Involved!

Unfortunately salmon and watershed enhancement groups are chronically underfunded while a lot of money avaialbe for Pacific Salmon Preservation gets tied up in administration. Consider getting involved with your local community hatchery or stream keepers group!

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